Michele Gorbe:

My fundraising goal: $2,000

Hello Friends and Family,

I am participating in this years Nautica New York City Triathlon on Sunday August 7th in aid of the Children of Peru Foundation. This foundation helps raise funds to make grants to a select group of non-governmental organizations working in Peru to provide better health-care and education for poor children.

PLEASE help me support the Children of Peru Foundation by helping me raise my goal of $2,000. Any donations will be greatly appreciated.

Look below to see how to donate but first here are two of the missions you will be supporting:

1. Medical Missions For Children: is a USA based 501c3 organization dedicated to providing free quality surgical and dental services to poor and under-privileged children in various countries throughout the world. They organize a yearly mission to Cuzco to provide free surgery (Cleft lips and palates as well as microtia) to poor children in Peru.

2. The Samusocial Peru: With their two medical mobile units (the second one bought by the Children of Peru Foundation) they do regular tours in Huaycan (shantytown near the capital city of Lima), searching for any sick children to provide first aid medical services. A medical center ("La Estacion") was built in 2006 so that first medical help and social services can be provided in the center of Huaycan.
Samusocial Peru does a great deal of social work, educating parents in basic hygiene concepts, helping dysfunctional families and trying to help children suffering from parental abuse.

Here are the two ways you can help support me and this great cause. Thank you!!! 

1 Click the link below to make a donation online through PayPal. You will get an email notification once you submit your donation, however, it will take about 24 hours to view your donation on this page.

2 Or you can also send a check made payable to "Children of Peru Foundation" (write my name on the memo line in order for this contribution to count as part of my fund-raising goal) and send it to:

Children of Peru Foundation
340 East 64th Street, Suite 2G
New York, NY 10065

All donations are 100% tax deductible.

Thank you for your support!


$860 Michele Gorbe
$100 Mary Ellen Iapicco
$  50 Kathleen Sheehan
$  50 Janice & Robert Seiler
$  25 Alphonse Rickli
$  35 Pauline & Paul Gorbe
$  50 Patrick Lill
$  25 Christina Freise
$100 Suzette Mueller
$  30 Kristen Cunningham
$  25 Kathleen Sheehan
$100 Brad Schulte
$  50 Jessica Joy Nelson
$  50 Shelli Schulte - What a blessing to these children...Shelli, John, & John Michael
$  50 Trisha Seiler
$  50 Chad Rominger
$100 Jerome Obed
$  20 Aaron Hodges


Run for Peru!!