Matthieu Bonnard:

If you Sponsor this (would-be) athlete, you will sponsor a great cause!

My  fundraising  goal: $2,000
Amount raised so far: $1,845

On August 7th, I will be participating in the Nautica NYC Triathlon, my first participation in a triathlon, so, I may not finish first.
BUT, by swimming, biking and running in this race, I will help a bit the Children of Peru Foundation, and by sponsoring me, you will help Children of Peru A LOT.

Children of Peru Foundation is a NGO dedicated to improving the future of poor children in Peru through healthcare (helping fight tuberculosis and providing free surgical and dental services) and education. Some friends are actively involved in this charity, which is truly changing children lives for the best, a few at a time.

You don't even need to cheer me up on race day, but just to:

1 Click the link below to make a donation online through PayPal. You will get an email notification once you submit your donation, however, it will take about 24 hours to view your donation on the site.

2 Send a check made payable to Children of Peru Foundation (with Matthieu Bonnard written on the memo line) to:
Children of Peru Foundation
340 East 64th St. Suite 2G, New York, NY 10065

Sorry, no cash donations!

Thanks a lot for your help and support!


$1,370 Matthieu Bonnard
$     30 Ronan Julien
$     30 Darryn Light
$     50 Silio Aparicio
$     50 John Catizone
$     20 Claude Marcassoli
$   100 Claus Pramer
$   100 Jack Carpenter
$     20 Francois Girardot
$     25 Matthew Green
$     50 Stephane Pellerin


Run for Peru!!