Gabriel Roitman:

My fundraising goal: $5,000
Total raised so far:   $ 3,607

I've started to run triathlons in 2008 after I noticed the passion for the sport of a Deutsche Bank colleague. I run several triathlons in the past years including (twice) the famous Stamford KIC IT to benefit kids in crisis. A charity that run two emergency shelters among other things.
This year, I heard about the Children of Peru Foundation and I realized that I could leverage my passion for triathlons to help raise funds for an honorable cause in one of the countries that I love the most, Peru.

So I went for a big challenge: I will be running the NYC Half Marathon next March AND the Nautica NYC Triathlon next August for the Children of Peru Foundation and I hope to raise $5,000 for them.

I regularly travel to Peru for work and over the past 5 years I met many generous Peruvian people. I love the country and its people, its culture, its history. Being able to give back to that country by raising funds for the children in need makes me proud and energize me to train and run in these 2 events in 2011. I hope I can add my grain of help to the children of Peru and its people.

I have donated $250 and this amount will be matched by Deutsche Bank Americas Foundation. Every dollar contributed by a DB employee will be matched by the bank's Foundation.

Please support me as I race the NYC Half Marathon on March 20th, and the Nautica NYC Triathlon on August 7th, by donating to the Children of Peru Foundation. Click the link below to make a secure online donation through PayPal.

You will get an email notification once you submit your donation, however, it will take about 24 hours to view your donation on the site.

You can also send me (or directly to the Foundation) a check written to the Children of Peru Foundation. Put my name at the bottom of the check so that they recognize your donation towards my goal.

Thank you for lending your support to this great cause. Your donation can make a difference in a child's life!

Thanks a lot for your help and support!


$250  Gabriel Roitman
$650  Deutsche Bank Americas Foundation
$250  Daniel Revilla
$100  Daryosh Sakhai
$200  Alejandro Perez Reyes
$250  Michael Gelhard
$200  Luis A Arizaga
$100  Harriet & Murray Caplan
$250  Eduardo Sanchez-Carrion
$250  Elinor and Alex Etkes
$250  Jorge Luis Ramos Felices
$100  Carlos Arredondo
$101  Diego Mandelbaum
$  50  Claudia Trosso
$350  Karan Madan
$  50  Christian Corcino
$  50  Carolina Davila
$  56  Erika Davila Rothman
$100  Ana Wakeham




Run for Peru!!