2012 IRONMAN US Championship NY/NJ - August, 2012

   Triathlete Greg Freeman:

                                       My fundraising goal: $5,000


Thanks for taking the time to visit my page in support of the Children of Peru Foundation - a small, highly focused charity doing some very important work in Peru.

What kind of work?

Children of Peru Foundation helps children by supporting projects run by local organizations in healthcare & education. This includes the poor, malnourished or abused children needing immediate medical attention, children with developmental disabilities (Down syndrome, autism, cerebral palsy), as well as surgical procedures (cleft lips & palates, cleft lip rhinoplasties, pharyngeal flaps, and similar deformities such as microtias).

In Huaycan, an impoverished area of Peru, the Children of Peru Foundation gives aid to these people through funding the Samusocial Peru organization. Support is given by way of a mobile unit composed of a social worker, a nurse and a driver. They travel through this neighborhood to care for and listen to people in social and medical emergency situations. Samusocial Peru gives aid to this impoverished community in three ways: medical assistance, psychological support and preventive education.

Another core focus of the Children of Peru Foundation is to help kids with disabilities.

The Children of Peru Foundation does this by supporting Manos Unidas, a Peruvian Non-Profit Organization founded in 2008 in Cusco, Peru. Children in Peru that have disabilities are often abandoned, abused, or locked away. Manos Unidas created and operates the first private school for special education in Cusco, “Camino Nuevo” giving hope for these children and a way they can become involved in the society, instead of outcasts. Manos Unidas provides quality education and teacher training programs for children and young adults with developmental disabilities, down syndrome, autism and cerebral palsy. To understand the difference of how children with disabilities are looked at in Peru and the need, please watch the following video.

For more information on this supported organization, you can visit http://www.manosunidasperu.net/

The Children of Peru Foundation helps provide free quality surgical and dental services to poor and under-privileged children in Peru through Medical Mission For Children (MMFC).

Through the MMFC, medical teams perform cleft lip and palate repairs at the Cuzco EsSalud Hospital. The Children of Peru Foundation has sponsored and financed 100% of MMFC’s work in Cuzco Peru from 2007-2011 and since 2010 has supported MMFC for surgical procedures in Cajamarca Peru.

I am competing to raise awareness of the Children of Peru Foundation to help the needs of these children. Please join my effort to help these kids by donating and spreading the word. I have a minimum goal of $5,000 and I’ve have made it easy for you to share with other by clicking on the Google +1, Facebook, Twitter (or any other social site link you may use) below.

Donations can be quickly & securely made by clicking on the Donate button

$2,400 Weston Technology Solutions, LLC
 $2,500 Procurelogic, LLC
 $   100 Nancy Holt
 $     50 Nancy Berry   
 $     50 Richard Beattie
 $     50 Diane Steele
 $   300 Brock McFarlane
 $   200 Ken Moran
 $   200 Russell W Freeman
 $   500 Kenneth Petersen
 $   500 Nicholas Humphreys
 $3,200 Team Faith



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